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March 23, 2008

Video Stablizing Filters, Advocacy and Feature Lists

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I was just experimenting with Premiere’s capabilities and I’m quite disappointed with the stabilizer. It’s crap.

  • Top Left: Adobe Premiere Elements (filling using background), 45 Minutes to process
  • Top Right: Deshaker through Virtualdub and AVI Synth: about 50 minutes to process (2×25 minute passes)
  • Bottom Left: Power Director (hey, some website with a probably fake review suggested it), 3 minutes (!)
  • Bottom Right: Unfiltered (as I say in the video, I think I was dehydrated)

(The 4-way image was produced using AVI Synth… awesome program. )

It seems my expectations are set way too high by Deshaker. As an example of when FOSS beats out the commercial apps, VirtualDub and AVISynth are GPL, although the filter appears to be closed but free for distribution and use. For the Linux zelots, VirtualDub and AviSynth (2.x) are good examples of FOSS packages not available on Linux.

However… it seems that Cinelerra may have the Depan filter which can be used to track a fixed object and alter the borders of the image in order to remove motion from a clip.


From the website, Depan is a half implementation of Deshake. DePanEstimate is required to figure out how DePan will move the panning. It’s unclear to me that Cinelerra has this aspect of the filter, but there’s an awesome demo out there of something slightly related:

Now that’s good advocacy. Good documentation would be more useful, but good advocacy gives me some hope.. better than “do it yourself freeloader” or “try a 5-figure commercial package”

Unfortunately, this means means trying to install Cinelerra again. I have to install Ubuntu on my notebook anyway, I may have to have a peek at this silly Ubuntu Studio distribution.


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