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March 13, 2008

Windows has Betrayed Me

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I was getting so tired of fighting, that I simply had to try reactivating Windows. Something changed at the MS end, so the automated line worked just fine.

It was a breath of fresh air to be able to adjust my monitors to reflect my physical desktop layout, to hear more than one sound being played at a time, etc, etc, you’ve heard it all.

Anyway, for some reason, Windows tagged my Linux disk as a FAT12 disk and called it “C:”. This shifted all my Windows drive letters and trashed all my apps. Annoying. A bit of finagling, and a touch in the registry later, I managed to get it back to C:, but it would not boot properly.

Now while it is nice that Ubuntu gave me the option to boot Windows, it did not direct it to the Windows boot loader, it directed it to the OS boot. This means I’m SOL if I’m trying to get to the recovery console or safe mode.

So I pull out my grey-market DVD to try to get a recovery console together for Windows. Then I make a…. mistake.

fixboot. I’ve got to look into this. FAT12 encoded bits were vomited on to my pristine NTFS and EXT3 partitions. Stupid underdocumented Microsoft command line utils.

This includes a lot of personal data (there’s plenty backed up, but given that I was fighting with Linux to play sound properly and meet my basic needs for a month, backup was unfortunately not on the top of my mind. After all, do you *see* anything about backups in this blog?

The good news is that I merely toasted what I think would be the boot record, partition table and boot block. Most of NTFS and hopefully EXT3 is kept in the “middle” of the disk. Both my Windows boot partition and my Ubuntu partition are trashed. The partition table on the Ubuntu side is truly jibberish, but I have trouble imagining how Windows vomiting some FAT12 data on to a EXT3 and NTFS volume would result in *real* data loss. I’ll probably have to rebuild the OSes, but the data should be fine. It’ll just be a trick to figure out how exactly to extract it.


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