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February 11, 2008

rdesktop and sound

Filed under: audio,RDP — Mr. Mike @ 7:11 pm

I figured something out today. If I don’t use Gnome’s “Terminal Server Client”, I don’t have the problem of trying to reconfigure it for 1920×1250. rdesktop works okay from the command line:

mike@whitetower:~/.tsclient$ rdesktop -g 1920x1100 -a 16 -r sound:remote

…brings up a reasonable desktop. I have to use 1100 because I can’t get the title bar and stuff over to the right screen so that I can still access my Linux desktop at the same time.

I used -rsound:remote because the lack of a mixer means that I can’t hear audio through rdesktop anyway. I plugged a patch cable from my Windows notebook to my speakers.

On the note of speakers, my sound has gone crazy. Gnome thinks I’m muted. I’m not muted. I don’t quite know how to fix that but until I do, I can’t control the volume.


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  1. Try apt-getting aumix and mix your sound with aumix instead of the gnome-mixer — I had the same problem with my Logitech Z-10 usb speakers.

    Comment by Mark McCorkle — September 7, 2009 @ 1:44 pm | Reply

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