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February 9, 2008

Out of Space in /

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I’m getting very tired of fighting with my computer all the time. I still don’t have working mixing audio, I haven’t touched WoW in over two weeks. The time I’d normally pop onto WoW, I’ve been spending trying to figure out how to get my Desktop into shape.

Today I got a message that my disk is full. Those bittorrent photos I have kicking around are probably the problem. I’d like to keep them only because they’re an interesting bit of history, so I’m going to stash them on DVD.


This is taking a very long time. I think I’ll just unzip the first four and burn a disk when they’re done extracting.

The system is under very heavy I/O, my cursor disappeared in WordPress. Very odd.

Ok. It took about an hour, but I finally got GnomeBaker to load up all the files which need to be burned.




Maybe the stupid thing is trying to create a full ISO before burning or something. Naw. Could it?

I delete WoW… that frees up a lot.



mike@whitetower:/tmp$ mkdir GnomeBaker-mike

mike@whitetower:/tmp$ df

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on

/dev/hdb1             36843208  21857912  13113728  63% /

varrun                  385268       104    385164   1% /var/run

varlock                 385268         0    385268   0% /var/lock

udev                    385268       136    385132   1% /dev

devshm                  385268         0    385268   0% /dev/shm

lrm                     385268     36712    348556  10% /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/volatile

That got it. Some stupid defaults. 2x burn speed and it puts my name in the Disk information (grr… I don’t think I should have put my full name on the system preferences). The temp file is about 17MB. Probably just directory information.

I click “Burn” and wait….


Umm. This is not 1999. DVD Burners are not newfangled things. They’re almost obsolete!? WTF?

I’m going to guess that the high number of files is taking up space which is not being calculated into GnomeBaker’s disk size. According to GnomeBaker I’ve got 129.72 MB remaining. I’ll consider opening a bug report.

New strategy.

I’ll take some of the uncompressed zip files and burn those. It’s far less convenient, but it might not be a serious problem with Gnome Baker, but my expectations of the capabilities of DVDs might be too high. I’m sure CD Burner Xp Pro woud give me similar trouble. I should try that some day.

Drag and drop is almost instant now. It remembered my “Auto” speed, but forgot to omit my name from the disk.

The burn starts. The previous disk didn’t get coastered. It looks like it’s stuck on this idea of a 2x write speed though. It’ll be 45 minutes before its done. What a waste of a morning.


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